Mind maps on various aspects of the UFO/UAP phenomenon


 1)  Main characteristics of the UFO/UAP phenomenon: The Map

"This mind map aims to describe, at a general level, what the most typical aspects found in the manifestation of the UFO/UAP phenomenology are, such as:
- the observable characteristics of the phenomenon.
- the appearance of the phenomenon.
- the types of sightings and their effects on the environment (for close observation, or IR3).
- the environments in which the phenomenon is observed.
- the periods in which the phenomenon is observed.
- the main hypotheses that have been developed to explain the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

Ver. 1.01 - 24 July 2018"


 2)  Detectable effects of UFO/UAP manifestations: The Map

This mind map illustrates effects (physical and/or psychological) of the manifestations of the UFO/UAP phenomenon on the environment and on living beings.
Only the most typical and frequently found effects are considered in this mind map; other particular effects such as the "gravitational coupling" of the helicopter in the case of the so-called "Coyne UFO" are not considered here.

Ver. 1.01 - 25 July 2018"


 3)  Who/What could be  affected if Disclosure broke out abruptly? The Map

This mind map intends to list the sectors of social organisations of earthly humanity that would suffer consequences affecting them either negatively or having a considerable impact if the presence on Earth of non-earthly civilizations were to be suddenly released.

Impact levels are considered on the basis of the consequences they would cause:
- Disruptive: the sectors that would be hit the hardest, with a real potential for disintegration.
- Highly problematic: the sectors that would be severely disrupted, although they would not necessarily risk disintegration.
- Revolutionary: the sectors that would not be disrupted but would certainly be forced to review and rewrite their very foundations.

This mind map includes all the sectors that would be affected in a one way or another. This is, of course, an estimate based on educated guesses. It is likely that not all areas of the map would be affected at the same time once the news of ET presence becomes publicly available; much would depend on the behaviour of the ETs. One can reasonably estimate that the sectors of social organization (domestic and foreign politics, religions, the sentiment of citizens, but also part of the scientific sector) would suffer the blow anyway and immediately, with the estimated impact indicated on the map by the icons: "explosion", "flame" or "pencil".

If, then, the ETs were to give up technology as a result of the contact, it is likely that the impact on the industrial sector would be very disruptive, particularly for certain specific industrial sectors such as energy and transports, and the automotive and aeronautical construction sector (if energy generation and anti-gravity technologies were to be given up) and very problematic for others too. The banking and financial sector would inevitably also be indirectly affected, but no less so.

Note: In case two or more icons are listed for a given topic, consider it in logical OR. The red flag icon indicates that the effect (or effects) symbolized by the icon at its right depend on the ET's post-disclosure actions.

Ver. 1.01 - 26 July 2018"


Paolo Guizzardi 

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